Legal Guarantee

At HVAC we want you to have the best experience with our air conditioning products in your home. For this reason we guarantee your purchases, giving you our commitments regarding the Legal Guarantee.

• If within the first 3 months since you picked up your product in the store or received it at the shipping address, it presents any defect or manufacturing failure, is missing pieces or parts, or is found in any of the other situations in accordance with the Consumer Law, it will be referred to our technical service, if the nature of the defect or failure warrants it, who will determine its cause within a period of 15 business days.

• If the evaluation determines that the failure or any damage is not attributable to poor handling of the product, we can repair or replace it. If the product requires transportation, the shipping cost will not be charged.

• If you have a problem with your product, take it directly to any of our distributors, or call 64-2203973 to request technical service information, or you can take it directly to the authorized technical service to coordinate the evaluation of the product if applicable. the guarantee.

• You must have your receipt, invoice or shipping guide that proves the purchase of the product.

• The Legal Guarantee does not apply if it is a refurbished, second-hand product (with details).